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Watchful Shepherd USA

Category of Service: Human Needs


To promote the distribution and installation of electronic devices to afford protection and an alarm system for abused children.

Programs and Services

  • Watchful Shepherd USA provides equipment and 24/7 monitoring for an electronic monitoring system in homes or anyplace a child visits where there is a chance of violence, abuse or neglect. Watchful Shepherd provides equipment -which in addition to our tried and true base unit recently added mobile SOS devices- to any of the agencies that oversee the protection of children and families from abuse/neglect or violence at no charge to the agency or the families.
  • Child abuse prevention, adult and juvenile probation agencies as well as other outside agencies contracted by Children Youth and Family Service utilize this program to reunite families within their system of justice. These units have also been installed as a deterrent toward tendencies of violence and neglect.
  • Domestic Violence: Which can include protection from abuse orders & family violence prevention programs have used/use our electronic safety services to protect children, women & families from further violence. Our newest model, which allows mobility & safety protection outside the home/residence has increased freedom otherwise not afforded before. There has been an uptick in requests for the new SOS safety devices which has precipitated the ask for additional funding to support their use.
  • Foster parents and foster children are protected with electronic monitoring services from abduction of children in their care as well as other protections from abuse and neglect, including medically handicapped parents, those parents plagued with drug and alcohol addictions, or anger management issues.

Primary Revenue Sources

Donations, grants

Primary Fundraising Event

Dancing for A Cause (Annual)

2020 Financials

Federal Tax ID25-1760181
Net Assets$325,653.00


Name:Tracy Walnoha
Title:Executive Director
Web Site:www.watchful.org
Address:1061 Waterdam Plaza Dr., Suite 204
McMurray, PA, 15241

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