Washington County's
Community-Wide Giving Event

WCCF Gives
A Day of Giving — Sept. 19, 2024

Bringing Good People & Good Causes Together

Hosting a countywide giving event requires a tremendous investment of resources for the WCCF, but we are pleased to help bring good people and good causes together through WCCF Gives!

What is WCCF Gives?

Initiated in 2013, WCCF Gives is a leadership project of the Washington County Community Foundation to assist local charities in securing unrestricted financial contributions to support their missions. It has been very well received by our donors and our charities, and cumulatively has resulted in close to $12,000,000 in unrestricted grants to participating charities! The Foundation has annually secured a $100,000 bonus pool to encourage contributions and has never charged charities a fee to participate. An annual training session is provided to help charities make the most of this opportunity and routinely, over 100 charities participate each year.


In the first quarter of each year, charities are invited to submit an application to participate which includes a narrative of their current programs and their most recent financial information. The WCCF ensures that the charity meets the established requirements, which are outlined in the registration section of this website. Applications must be received by June 1. After all the charity applicants have been properly vetted, the WCCF prepares and distributes the WCCF Gives Check Contribution Form for donors wishing to give by check. Many donors do give by check, and their generosity is reflected in the beginning total that will be published on this website at 8 a.m. on September 19, the online giving event.

Throughout the online giving event, donors make online credit card contributions to their favorite charities through this website and the community can follow the progress of the event through a leaderboard that is maintained in real time. It is exciting to watch! One charity representative referred to it as “the Oscars for nonprofits!”

Because we accept check contributions which are postmarked on or before the online giving event, the overall total, as well as the totals for individual charities, are often not finalized until well after this day. Once all eligible contributions are received, the WCCF aggregates the totals for all charities and calculates the bonus amount for each charity. In the fourth quarter, WCCF Gives grants are distributed electronically to charities, along with a schedule detailing the names and amounts of their contributors, unless anonymity was requested.

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