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A Day of Giving — Sept. 15, 2022

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Washington Area Humane Society

Category of Service: Environment & Animal Welfare


Care & prevention of cruelty to animals.

Programs and Services

  • The Washington Area Humane Society (WAHS) prides itself on being the voice for the voiceless animals in Washington County, Pennsylvania. • The WAHS is 100% funded by private donations. • The WAHS intakes on average 750 animals and investigate over 300 abuse cases annually. • The WAHS averages a 95% live release rate. • On average 98% of the intakes are from Washington County, PA.
  • AFFORDABLE VET CARE: The Washington Area Humane Society offers low-cost vet services to the public to help them retain and afford their pets. In 2021 the WAHS administered over 1400 vaccinations, 723 wellness exams, and 503 spay/neuter surgeries to public pets at affordable prices. The WAHS offers a low-cost Pet Food Bank to help assist families in our community struggling. In 2021 the WAHS distributed 34,000 pounds of food to pet owners in need.
  • AFFORDABLE ADOPTIONS: The WAHS offers low-cost adoptions. In 2021 the WAHS adopted over five hundred pets. 20 U.S. veterans were adopted for free as part of our US Pets for Vets Adoption Program. The WAHS team cared for over 315 strays and prepared over 48,000 meals for pets in our care. The vet team performed over 433 surgeries, 4300 vaccinations, 2700 exams, 650 tests, and 600 microchips for the 644 pets that entered the shelter doors in 2021. The WAHS reunited 48 strays with their owners.
  • VOLUNTEERS & FOSTERS: The WAHS hosts over 130 volunteers with over 1600 volunteer hours in 2021. Over 170 pets were fostered by volunteers in 2021 helping the WAHS better fulfill its mission of placing pets in loving homes. In 2022 the volunteer program continues to grow and the WAHS now offers more group opportunities, birthday parties and other fun ways to get involved with the pets at the WAHS. Reading tails and the kindness club are programs that give children an opportunity to volunteer.
  • HUMANE INVESTIGATIONS: In 2021 over 303 calls were investigated and 80 pets were brought to the WAHS by the full-time humane society police officer for safety. The HSPO not only rescues the pets but also follows up with formal animal abuse charges in 2021 over 47 citations were filed in court against abusers. The WAHS continues its 6th year of the Compassion Care Initiative raising awareness of animal, child, domestic, and elder abuse in the county.

Primary Revenue Sources

Grants, events, membership, adoptions, trusts, estates, misc fundraising.

Primary Fundraising Event


2020 Financials

Federal Tax ID25-0995781
Net Assets$5,742,183.00


Name:Kelly Proudfit
Title:Executive Director
Web Site:www.washingtonpashelter.org
Phone: (724) 222-7387
Address:1527 Route 136, P.O. Box 66
Eighty Four, PA, 15330

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