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A Day of Giving — Sept. 15, 2022

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Category of Service: Human Needs


TRPIL affirms liberty and justice for all people with disabilities.

Programs and Services

  • TRPIL is an organization that supports individuals with disabilities throughout the area. Its programs include independent skills training, peer support, information and referral, transitions, and advocacy. It also provides services such as in-home personal care, home modifications, and nursing home transitions. Over 93% of the individuals the agency serves are considered very low income by the federal government guidelines.
  • When the agency gets a call, it is referred to a specialist for follow up. Something that has occurred since the pandemic is more hoarding issues have arisen, food insecurity, and mental health issues because of isolation and loneliness. TRPIL works hard to provide practical support for individuals and their families. One individual, Arlene, transitioned from Oregon to come back to family in the area. Finding appropriate, accessible housing was a challenge, but staff pursued and made it happen.
  • Recently, a ramp was installed as a home modification for a 12-year-old girl, Emily, in Richeyville since she was involved in an accident. She now uses a wheelchair to get around, and the agency installed an ADA compliant ramp. A Vestaburg home needed a stair lift installed because Denise, the 62-year-old resident has pulmonary fibrosis and has a lung transplant and could not navigate the steps easily. Entry less showers have also been installed for consumers who use wheelchairs.
  • TRPIL assisted a Washington County resident, Ed, to leave the nursing home he had been in for five years into an apartment on his own. Staff members arranged for food and household items for a smooth start to more his independent life. Staff ask consumers to complete a survey when they have been transitioned. Also, they check in monthly, semi-annually, and annually (more if necessary!) to see how the individual with a disability is doing and if they have any needs.
  • Final capital campaign renovations to the new program and community center, 42 West Maiden Street, Washington, is underway. Work is expected to be completed by December 2022. Installing a consumer/personal care attendant training kitchen, assistive technology area, and a wellness center will be great additions to the facility. The agency is still seeking donations for it. It has an internet cafĂ© that currently allows the public to come in and use the accessible equipment to find information.

Primary Revenue Sources

Medicaid funding

Primary Fundraising Event

TRPIL hosts a Walk*Run*Roll 5K event in May and a golf outing in September

2021 Financials

Federal Tax ID25-1858480
Net Assets$11,740,768.00


Name:Joann Naser
Title: Chief Development Officer
Web Site:www.trpil.com
Address:42 West Maiden Street
Washington, PA, 15301

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