A Day of GivingSept. 15, 2022

WCCF Gives
A Day of Giving — Sept. 15, 2022

Social Media Help

For help with social media marketing strategies please contact our office at 724-222-6330.

Social Media Strategy Worksheet

If you haven’t created any social media profiles or you need help with social media strategy we recommend you download and read the following worksheet.

Social Media Strategy Worksheet


Post Examples

  • On Sept. 15, we’re participating in WCCF Gives! Any donation of $25 or more made during 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. on that day will have a portion of that gift increased by the Washington County Community Foundation’s bonus pool. Go to www.wccfgives.org on Sept. 15.
  • Are you planning to give to your favorite charity through WCCF Gives on Sept. 15? Great! Please encourage your friends, family and colleagues to do the same. www.wccfgives.org
  • Today is WCCF Gives! From 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. today donations made to us will have a portion of that gift increased by the Washington County Community Foundation’s bonus pool. www.wccfgives.org

Post Tips

Cover Photo Ideas

  • Show the personality of your charity — this image will create an important first impression.
  • Showcase an important event.
  • Create engagement by using a strong visual photo that strikes an emotion.


When promoting WCCF Gives on Twitter please mention @WashCoCommFdtn and #WCCFGives in your tweets. We will retweet your posts when you use our name.

Post Examples

In your tweet use #WCCFGives or mention @WashCoCommFdtn so we can retweet your posts.

  • We’re participating in #WCCFGives! On Sept. 15 a portion of your gift will be increased by @WashCoCommFdtn.
  • Support us (on Sept. 15/tomorrow/today) and a portion of you gift will be increased by @WashCoCommFdtn. #WCCFGives
  • Mark your calendar and alerts for #WCCFGives Sept.15!

eNewsletter Blasts

We recommend you add a story about WCCF Gives in your eNewsletter. You can add the WCCF Gives logo which is downloadable on this page.


Your Gift is Worth More on WCCF Gives Day – September 15, 2022

Your credit card contribution to benefit CHARITY NAME via www.wccfgives.org on WCCF Gives day will be increased by a percentage of the Washington County Community Foundation’s $100,000 bonus pool! For more information please visit www.wccfgives.org and while you’re there visit our charity profile page.

Mark your calendar for this year’s WCCF Gives on September 15.

In just one day, you can make a difference.