A Day of GivingSept. 14, 2023

WCCF Gives
A Day of Giving — Sept. 14, 2023

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Thursday, September 14

To participate in WCCF Gives, a charity must complete and submit an application annually by June 1.

Participating charities must have a physical presence in Washington County and have a designated email address to accept electronic communications.

Also, a charity must warrant and represent that it:

  • Is exempt from federal income tax as an organization described in section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, is not a “private foundation” as defined in section 509(a) of the Code, and files the Federal Form 990 annually.
  • Will immediately notify the WCCF regarding any changes to the Agency’s tax-exempt status.
  • Is in compliance with the Pennsylvania Solicitation of Funds for Charitable Purposes Act.
  • Is in compliance with all federal, state, county, and municipal requirements, pertaining to the Agency.
  • Is in compliance with the USA Patriot Act and other counterterrorism laws, statutes, and executive orders.
  • Will use all funds received via WCCF Gives exclusively for charitable purposes in Washington County.
  • Will actively promote WCCF Gives to its sphere of constituents.
  • Will not provide goods or services to donors in exchange for their gifts.
  • Will not alter the official WCCF Gives Check Contribution Form and will not utilize custom, agency-specific check contribution forms when soliciting WCCF Gives check contributions. Check gifts that are accompanied by any form other than the official WCCF Gives Check Contribution Form will not be eligible for the WCCF Gives bonus pool