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Angel Ridge Animal Rescue

Category of Service: Environment & Animal Welfare


Angel Ridge Animal Rescue (ARAR) is a 501 (c) 3 charity that is operated at Angel Ridge Farm in Washington County, Pennsylvania. It is ARAR's Mission:

1. To shelter and care for animals that are abandoned, aged, or handicapped with the ultimate goal of re-homing them. Animals who do not find a permanent home may live out their lives at ARAR.
2. To provide outreach to the community:
- In providing pet food donations and other assistance to those caregivers in economic distress or those undertaking the care of many stray and unwanted animals.
- In providing advertisement and assistance in getting unwanted animals adopted through all of our community and media resources.
- In providing speakers to schools and community groups on the topic of animal welfare and our stewardship to animals.

Programs and Services

  • Angel Ridge Animal Rescue is a no-kill shelter and sanctuary for abandoned, abused, and aged dogs, cats, and horses. We provide shelter and veterinary care with the goal of adopting these animals into a new family. We network with high-kill shelters in Pennsylvania and many other states to save animals in danger of being euthanized. Many of these animals have life-threatening medical conditions, and we use the resources available to us to give them the veterinary care that they need.
  • We work with organizations, other animal rescuers, and members of the community who need our assistance. We assist in trapping and re-homing feral cats, we assist animal control officers in the care and shelter of the dogs that come to them, we provide food and other needed supplies to rescuers and individuals, and we continually reach out to the community to share our resources.
  • We provide a speaker and educational assistance to schools and community groups to teach responsible practices with our companion animals and the basics of animal welfare.

Primary Revenue Sources

Private donations

Primary Fundraising Event

Annual Bingo

2019 Financials

Federal Tax ID25-1853565
Net Assets$279,765.00


Name:Dr. Nancy Shannon
E-mail:[email protected]
Web Site:www.angelridgeanimalrescue.org
Phone:(724) 229-7053
Address:390 Old Hickory Ridge Road
Washington, PA, 15301

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