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Vision Services of Washington-Greene

Category of Service: Human Needs


To aid and assist the visually impaired; to assist with education, training, and employment, to promote the interests of the visually impaired, and to create awareness around prevention of unnecessary blindness.

Programs and Services

  • Transportation to doctors' appointments, health care facilities, grocery stores, pharmacies, banks, and other locations are provided to those visually impaired persons who have no other available means of transportation.
  • For people with vision loss living independently, Vision Services offers the following services:
  • Support groups that provide a forum for contributing ideas, talking about feelings, and sharing practical information.
  • Life skills education designed to inform about community resources and services, health care and medical options, banking and home care.
  • Case management providing information and referrals to community resources and assistance with applications, mail, etc.
  • Advocacy in assisting individuals to effect real change in their personal lives; attempting to change policies, legislation and philosophies in relation to vision loss.
  • Provision of services listed above may be based on certain visual requirements.
  • The Prevention of Blindness Program and the Specialized Services Program are funded in part by the Pennsylvania State Department of Health and Human Services.
  • Adult Vision Screenings
  • Preschool Vision Screenings - Young Children do not know how they should see and may never offer visual complaint. Screenings are done at Head Start Centers, Preschools, Nursery Schools, Daycare Centers, etc.
  • Preschool Eye Safety Program, usually done in conjunction with preschool vision screenings.
  • 4th Grade Eye Safety and Blindness Awareness Program
  • Speaker Service - Covering any eye-related topic, i.e., diabetic retinopathy, macular degeneration, cataracts, glaucoma, care of the aging eye, etc.
  • The Blind Association offers eye-wear at cost to individuals who meet income guidelines of the program. A current eyeglass prescription is required.

Primary Revenue Sources

Pennsylvania Association for the Blind State Grants

Primary Fundraising Event

WCCF Gives

2023 Financials

Federal Tax ID25-0965456
Net Assets$2,890,988.00


Name:Megan Luisi
Title:Executive Director
Web Site:www.vsowg.org
Phone:(724) 228-0770
Address:566 E. Maiden St.
Washington, PA, 15301

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