A Day of GivingSept. 15, 2022

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A Day of Giving — Sept. 15, 2022

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WCCF Gives Day Social Media Training 2021

The past year was a powerful reminder of how online presence can impact the fundraising success of your charity.

This special WCCF Gives training on Wednesday, July 21, featured WCCF Trustee Megan Chicone. As a visible and active member of the social media community, Megan shared some creative ways to help charities create impactful content and generate excitement about WCCF Gives 2021.

A brief overview of this year’s WCCF Gives event was also provided.

WCCF Gives Storytelling Fundraiser Training 2019:
PowerPoint Presentations Now Available

Featured Presenter: WCCF Trustee Dorothy Tecklenburg

To help support fundraising efforts of local charities, a fundraising training was held on Wednesday, April 10, 2019.

In addition to providing a brief overview on the basics of the WCCF Gives program, we were excited to offer a few ideas to help you experience the greatest success on Gives Day. And, one of the most effective ways a charity can generate support is through powerful storytelling.

With this in mind, master storyteller and WCCF Trustee Dorothy Tecklenburg generously agreed to serve as the featured presenter. Dorothy has extensive experience in impactful storytelling, which will surely help you to take your charity’s storytelling to the next level. To see her biography, visit www.wccf.net.

Please click on the following links to view the PDF versions of the PowerPoint presentations from the workshop.

Going for Gold Training 2019

Storytelling for Fundraising

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Are you a charity or a donor with a question about this year’s WCCF Gives event? Please review our list of Frequently Asked Questions or contact us at info@wccf.net or 724-222-6330.