A Day of GivingSept. 15, 2022

WCCF Gives
A Day of Giving — Sept. 15, 2022

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WCCF Announces Changes to WCCF Gives In Response to COVID-19

In the ten years that the Washington County Community Foundation has sponsored its annual day of giving, WCCF Gives, more than $8 million has been raised to support charities in Washington County. For many charities, WCCF Gives has become their primary activity to secure annual operating support.

Washington County’s charities have faced many unusual and unanticipated challenges as a result of the pandemic, and understandably some are still struggling to recover. But no matter the circumstances, their services remain vital to maintaining Washington County’s quality of life, and these charities remain steadfast in their dedication to those they serve.

To assist charities through this challenging time, the WCCF is announcing some changes to WCCF Gives, scheduled for September 15, 2022. These changes are being made to secure greater financial support for local charities and to provide a safer overall experience for everyone through the implementation of social distancing measures.

For complete information on these changes, please click the link below.

WCCF Gives Changes

“Get Your Board on Board!” WCCF Gives 2022 Training
Board on Board Training Logo Small

This WCCF Gives training from July 13, 2022, covers:
  • The advantages of an engaged board;
  • Tips for identifying prospective board members;
  • Strategies to help you mold your board members into top-notch organization ambassadors;
  • A new $5,000 incentive for WCCF Gives; and
  • Some important details about WCCF Gives.

‘Get Your Board on Board!’ Training Presentation

Investing Your Administrative Reserve: Considerations for Non-Profits

Part I

Part II

Learn about the importance of ensuring that your non-profit’s administrative reserve is properly invested. You’ll also learn how to select an investment manager and measure their performance, how to craft an investment policy statement, how to mitigate your investment risk, and other useful tips on effectively managing your administrative reserve investment.

In addition to hearing from Foundation personnel, you’ll also hear from Joe Piszczor, CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ with Stein Wealth Advisors.

Investing Your Administrative Reserve Slide Presentation
Investment Policy Statement Sample

Administrative Reserve and Line of Credit

Does your charity have a “rainy day” fund? Are you challenged by the timelines associated with reimbursable grants? Are you drawing from your charity’s investments when you’re in need of a temporary infusion of cash?
Sometimes a little planning can go a long way.
This session focuses on a few financial strategies that can help your charity best utilize its resources.

Administrative Reserve Policy Sample
Line of Credit Policy Sample

Creating an Effective Annual Fundraising Plan

It’s been proven that organizations with written annual fundraising plans raise more money.
On October 21, 2021, veteran fundraiser and nonprofit consultant Rob DeOrio of DeOrio Strategies Group discussed the importance of an annual fundraising plan. Rob provided an overview of the planning process and practical advice to help create an annual fundraising plan for nonprofit organizations.

Annual Fundraising Plan Template
Fundrasing Plan Grid

WCCF Gives Day Social Media Training 2021

The past year was a powerful reminder of how online presence can impact the fundraising success of your charity.

This special WCCF Gives training on Wednesday, July 21, featured WCCF Trustee Megan Chicone. As a visible and active member of the social media community, Megan shared some creative ways to help charities create impactful content and generate excitement about WCCF Gives 2021.

A brief overview of this year’s WCCF Gives event was also provided.

Donor Software Survey Open Forum

Our thanks to everyone who participated in our survey on donor software! We are excited to share our results with you.

This open forum on July 15, 2021, reviewed our findings and we heard first-hand from local charity representatives what software programs are working for them and why.

Whether your charity uses a donor software program or not, this is a great opportunity for you to learn more from your peers in our community.

Donor Software Survey Presentation
Bloomerang Presentation
Donor Perfect Presentation
Little Green Light Presentation

Capacity Building Webinar I

To help ensure a successful experience for all applicants to the Capacity Building Grant Cycle 1, the Washington County Community Foundation presented a brief virtual information session on June 17, 2021.

During this webinar, participants had the opportunity to:
Discuss the elements of a strong application.
Have questions answered.
Receive guidance.

Webinar materials:
S.M.A.R.T Goals Worksheet

Capacity-Building Grant Presentation PDF

Now’s the Time to Start: Major & Planned Gift Fundraising with Scott Koskoski
Charity Training Webinar

Major and planned gift fundraising is not as intimidating as you might think, and Scott Koskoski is ready to show you why.

A veteran fundraiser and consultant, Scott has a knack of cutting through the clutter to get the “major and planned gift fundraising straight talk.” He has designed a session devoid of “best practices” lingo and promises to plant some real-time, actionable seeds you can start to water and see growth from immediately after the session.

Let’s save fundraising philosophy class for another day and get down to business in ways your budget report will notice!

What Scott will present is more relevant because of COVID-19; fundraising for major gifts is going to get harder, not easier, over the next 12 months as the country digs out, and his tips will help you stay on the menu of your donor’s charitable priorities.

Major & Planned Gift Fundraising Documents

Donor Cultivation Event Toolkit

66 Donor Data Points

Donor Contact Letter Template

WCCF Gives Storytelling Fundraiser Training 2019:
PowerPoint Presentations Now Available

Featured Presenter: WCCF Trustee Dorothy Tecklenburg

To help support fundraising efforts of local charities, a fundraising training was held on Wednesday, April 10, 2019.

In addition to providing a brief overview on the basics of the WCCF Gives program, we were excited to offer a few ideas to help you experience the greatest success on Gives Day. And, one of the most effective ways a charity can generate support is through powerful storytelling.

With this in mind, master storyteller and WCCF Trustee Dorothy Tecklenburg generously agreed to serve as the featured presenter. Dorothy has extensive experience in impactful storytelling, which will surely help you to take your charity’s storytelling to the next level. To see her biography, visit www.wccf.net.

Please click on the following links to view the PDF versions of the PowerPoint presentations from the workshop.

Going for Gold Training 2019

Storytelling for Fundraising

question small

Are you a charity or a donor with a question about this year’s WCCF Gives event? Please review our list of Frequently Asked Questions or contact us at info@wccf.net or 724-222-6330.