Sept. 14, 2023
Washington County's
Community-Wide Day of Giving

WCCF Gives
A Day of Giving — Sept. 14, 2023

2018 Gives Day Results

These donations do not include the match amount from WCCF.

1.Washington City Mission$130,587
2.Pennsylvania Trolley Museum$61,669
3.Greater Washington County Food Bank$39,668
4.Washington Hospital Foundation "Washington Health System Foundation" $36,263
5.LeMoyne Community Center$34,910
6.South Hills Pet Rescue and Rehabilitation Resort$32,738
7.Washington Area Humane Society$31,569
8.Pennsylvania Elks Major Projects$30,514
9.Washington Symphonic Orchestra$25,465
10.National Duncan Glass Society$23,627
11.CASA for Kids$22,730
12.Watchful Shepherd USA$17,258
13.Angel Ridge Animal Rescue $16,681
14.Coalition for Christian Outreach “Washington Campus Mission Boards”$16,347
15.Literacy Council of Southwestern Pa$16,179
16.Meals on Wheels of Peters Township$14,958
17.Little Lake Theatre Company$14,838
18.Washington County Gay Straight Alliance$14,684
19.Mon Valley YMCA$13,334
20.Shekinah Ranch of the Mon Valley$12,554
21.United Way of Washington County$12,088
22.Domestic Violence Services of Southwestern PA$11,196
23.Washington County Historical Society$9,393
24.Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Pittsburgh$8,462
25.Bradford House Historical Association$7,700
26.The Salvation Army "Washington Corps"$7,516
27.Low Cost Spay Neuter Washington County "Fix 'ur Cat"$7,205
28.Washington & Jefferson College$6,503
29.Pet Search$6,341
30.Monongahela Area Library$6,208
31.The Peters Township Library Foundation$6,156
32.Primrose School and Museum$5,995
33.Leadership Washington County$5,919
34.Fredericktown Area Public Library$5,503
35.Charleroi Area School District Education Foundation$5,155
36.Citizens Library Association of Washington$4,438
37.Peters Township Education Foundation$4,241
38.Washington County Bar Foundation$4,191
39.Highland Ridge Community Development Corporation$4,118
40.Avella Area Public Library$4,095
41.WOMEN of Southwestern PA$3,739
42.Independence Conservancy$3,621
43.Washington-Greene County Blind Association$3,478
44.Washington Area Senior Citizens Center$3,289
45.Presbyterian SeniorCare$3,188
46.Marianna Community Public Library$3,176
47.Child Evangelism Outreach, Inc.$3,140
48.Washington Christian Outreach$3,048
50.Habitat for Humanity International Washington County$2,957
51.Frank Sarris Public Library Association$2,949
52.Olivia Scott Foundation$2,922
53.Main Street Farmers Market$2,882
54.WCCF Mother's Fund$2,796
55.California Area School District Foundation$2,775
56.Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Pittsburgh "Washington County Outreach"$2,552
57.Transitional Employment Consultants$2,510
59.Options Resource Center for Pregnancy & Sexual Health, Education & Counseling "New Life Options"$2,364
60.Heritage Public Library$2,302
61.California Area Public Library$2,290
62.WCCF Vision Fund$2,225
63.Historical Society of Western Pennsylvania “Meadowcroft Rockshelter and Historic Village”$2,185
64.Washington County Watershed Alliance$2,180
65.The Brownson House$2,137
66.Bentleyville Public Library$2,069
67.Burgettstown Area Community Development Corp$1,938
68.Your Child's Place$1,919
69.Special Olympics of Pennsylvania “Washington County Special Olympics”$1,888
70.Fort Vance Historical Society$1,879
71.The Pennsylvania State University “Washington County 4-H Forever Endowment”$1,816
72.A.D. White Research Society$1,694
73.American Cancer Society$1,657
74.Arc Human Services$1,636
75.WCCF Acorn Fund$1,519
76.Village of FPC$1,515
77.Peters Creek Historical Society$1,449
78.Washington County History & Landmarks Foundation$1,437
79.Laurel Highlands Council Boy Scouts of America$1,402
80.PONY Baseball, Inc.$1,356
81.Marine Toys for Tots Foundation "Washington-Greene Co. Toys for Tots"$1,350
82.Donora Historical Society$1,302
83.Donora Public Library $1,276
84.Faith Christian School and Institute$1,245
85.Genesis of Pittsburgh$1,195
86.Chartiers Houston Community Library Assn$1,181
87.Bridge to Home Animal Rescue$1,164
88.Center In The Woods$1,159
89.Old Schoolhouse Players$1,082
90.Mon-Vale Health Resources, Inc.$1,075
91.Southwest Training Services, Inc.$1,075
92.American National Red Cross$1,008
93.Avella Area Community Association$974
94.Washington Jazz Society$973
95.Pathways Foundation of Southwestern Pennsylvania$954
96.Western Pennsylvania Conservancy$936
97.Washington Community Theatre$771
98.Washington Festival Chorale$728
99.Pennsylvania State Animal Response Team “Washington County Animal Response Team”$724
100.The CARE Center$718
101.American Heart Association$709
102.California Area Historical Society$697
103.Burgettstown Community Library$632
104.Dress for Success Pittsburgh$624
105.In-Stride with Therapeutic Riding$550
106.Junior Achievement of Western Pennsylvania$549
107.Girl Scouts Western Pennsylvania$527
108.Mon Valley Alliance Foundation$468
109.Metro Pittsburgh Youth for Christ/Campus Life$350
110.Foundation for California University Of Pennsylvania$342
111.Concordia Hospice of Washington$325
112.Bucks for Bucs Educational Foundation, Inc.$324
113.John K. Tener Public Library$322
114.Washington Communities Human Services, Inc$225
115.Monongahela Area Revitalization Corporation$224
116.Persad Center$197
117.Amateur Astronomers Association of Pittsburgh$159
118.The Monongahela Area Historical Society$129
119.WCCF Animal Fund$95
120.Post Partum Depression Project$50
121.Canon-McMillan Horizon Foundation$50
122.Jameson's Army$50
123.Breathe Pennsylvania $49
124.Charleroi Area Historical Society$30
125.WCCF Arts Fund$25
126.Adagio Health$25
127.Mid Mon Valley Cultural Trust$24
1.Washington City Mission565
2.Washington Area Humane Society254
3.Angel Ridge Animal Rescue 163
4.LeMoyne Community Center152
5.Low Cost Spay Neuter Washington County "Fix 'ur Cat"142
6.Greater Washington County Food Bank138
7.CASA for Kids126
8.Monongahela Area Library126
9.Meals on Wheels of Peters Township110
10.Peters Township Education Foundation87
11.Little Lake Theatre Company86
12.Washington Symphonic Orchestra72
13.The Peters Township Library Foundation69
14.The Salvation Army "Washington Corps"69
15.Pennsylvania Trolley Museum69
16.Watchful Shepherd USA64
17.Coalition for Christian Outreach “Washington Campus Mission Boards”63
18.Washington County Gay Straight Alliance60
19.Fredericktown Area Public Library59
20.Primrose School and Museum57
21.Pet Search53
22.Bradford House Historical Association53
23.National Duncan Glass Society52
24.Literacy Council of Southwestern Pa52
25.Citizens Library Association of Washington51
26.Domestic Violence Services of Southwestern PA49
27.Mon Valley YMCA47
28.Charleroi Area School District Education Foundation44
29.Heritage Public Library42
30.Washington County Historical Society39
31.WOMEN of Southwestern PA39
32.Bentleyville Public Library38
33.Avella Area Public Library37
34.Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Pittsburgh34
35.Options Resource Center for Pregnancy & Sexual Health, Education & Counseling "New Life Options"33
36.Washington-Greene County Blind Association33
37.Leadership Washington County31
38.South Hills Pet Rescue and Rehabilitation Resort31
40.Washington County Watershed Alliance30
41.Olivia Scott Foundation28
42.Presbyterian SeniorCare28
43.Washington Hospital Foundation "Washington Health System Foundation" 26
45.Habitat for Humanity International Washington County25
46.Historical Society of Western Pennsylvania “Meadowcroft Rockshelter and Historic Village”25
47.Independence Conservancy24
48.Washington County History & Landmarks Foundation24
49.Special Olympics of Pennsylvania “Washington County Special Olympics”24
50.Bridge to Home Animal Rescue24
51.Center In The Woods24
52.Chartiers Houston Community Library Assn23
53.Main Street Farmers Market22
54.The Brownson House21
55.American Cancer Society21
56.Arc Human Services21
57.Washington Christian Outreach20
58.Pennsylvania Elks Major Projects20
59.Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Pittsburgh "Washington County Outreach"20
60.United Way of Washington County19
61.Washington County Bar Foundation19
62.Child Evangelism Outreach, Inc.18
63.Shekinah Ranch of the Mon Valley18
64.Genesis of Pittsburgh18
65.California Area Public Library17
66.Washington Festival Chorale16
67.Washington Community Theatre16
68.Peters Creek Historical Society16
69.Old Schoolhouse Players16
70.Fort Vance Historical Society15
71.Pennsylvania State Animal Response Team “Washington County Animal Response Team”15
72.A.D. White Research Society15
73.Washington Jazz Society15
74.American National Red Cross14
75.WCCF Mother's Fund14
76.Donora Public Library 14
77.Marianna Community Public Library13
78.Marine Toys for Tots Foundation "Washington-Greene Co. Toys for Tots"13
79.Washington & Jefferson College13
80.Burgettstown Community Library13
81.PONY Baseball, Inc.12
82.WCCF Acorn Fund12
83.In-Stride with Therapeutic Riding12
84.Western Pennsylvania Conservancy11
85.Girl Scouts Western Pennsylvania11
86.Washington Area Senior Citizens Center11
87.Avella Area Community Association11
88.California Area Historical Society10
89.Highland Ridge Community Development Corporation10
90.Transitional Employment Consultants10
91.The Pennsylvania State University “Washington County 4-H Forever Endowment”10
92.Village of FPC9
93.Burgettstown Area Community Development Corp8
94.Mon Valley Alliance Foundation8
95.Frank Sarris Public Library Association8
96.California Area School District Foundation8
97.Junior Achievement of Western Pennsylvania7
98.Laurel Highlands Council Boy Scouts of America7
99.The CARE Center7
100.Donora Historical Society7
101.American Heart Association7
102.Dress for Success Pittsburgh7
103.Faith Christian School and Institute7
104.Concordia Hospice of Washington6
105.Pathways Foundation of Southwestern Pennsylvania6
106.Your Child's Place5
107.Persad Center5
108.Monongahela Area Revitalization Corporation5
109.WCCF Vision Fund5
110.Amateur Astronomers Association of Pittsburgh4
111.John K. Tener Public Library4
112.The Monongahela Area Historical Society4
113.Foundation for California University Of Pennsylvania4
114.Bucks for Bucs Educational Foundation, Inc.3
115.Mon-Vale Health Resources, Inc.3
116.Metro Pittsburgh Youth for Christ/Campus Life3
117.WCCF Animal Fund3
118.Southwest Training Services, Inc.3
119.Washington Communities Human Services, Inc2
120.Mid Mon Valley Cultural Trust1
121.Canon-McMillan Horizon Foundation1
122.Breathe Pennsylvania 1
123.Jameson's Army1
124.WCCF Arts Fund1
125.Charleroi Area Historical Society1
126.Post Partum Depression Project1
127.Adagio Health1
Additional projects of Washington County Community Foundation, Inc.